Solar PV ON/OFF Grid Systems

  • Inspection
  • Design
  • Test (Initial/periodical)

We do the basic and international necessary tests according to "IEC 62446", like:
  • Open circuit voltage test
  • Short circuit current test
  • Insulation resistance test
  • Earth test, Functional test
  • Conductors continuity test
  • In additional we run some other important tests to be sure if PV Solar System operates appropriately.
  • Plotting IV-curve of the PV array
  • Inverter DC to AC efficiency test
  • PV array infrared camera test
  • PV Training

    • PV Design
    • PV Installation
    • PV Standards

    These brief curses from experienced trainers can help installers to know about the most important points for installing a PV system. They can be familiar with how to find the best location for a PV system, how to choose every elements like, PV modules, Inverters, Breakers, cables , etc. according to the PV installation situations. And they will learn about PV Standards, PV maintenance and Trouble shooting.